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Webinar Series 2023


We are deeply honored to welcome 12 nationally recognized speakers and subject matter experts to this year’s conference. Please take a moment to read their extraordinary bios. Our 2023 conference consists of two educational sessions – one on April 25th and one on April 27th, both are from 9am to 1pm. The speakers will share their wisdom and vision for reimagining systems and services that serve youth. Each webinar will offer tools and solutions for social service providers, parents, teachers, advocates and those working directly with youth. Registration is free and the conference schedule is below.

Schedule for Tuesday, April 25th

From Intersections to Pathways:  Supporting CSEC Youth in Foster Care


  • Challenges and obstacles youth in foster care face
  • The importance of connection rather than correction, and how to best support CSEC identified youth
  • How to effectively advocate for youth in foster care experiencing exploitation

Rachel will answer questions from the audience.

Learn more about each of our panel members.

Discussion with Co-founder Catie Hart and Survivor Leadership Team Dawn Allen, Ummra Hang, Jess Torres, Morys Ward.

Rising Safe and Sound is a survivor created and led human trafficking prevention training for youth. This evidence-based training provides the education survivors wished they had received when they were youth. To date, over 4000 youth and 35 schools and organizations on the Central Coast of California have participated. The Rising Safe and Sound Team will share aspects of the training. 

Schedule for Thursday, April 27th

The Foster Care to Prison Pipeline

Description is coming

April will answer questions from the audience.

Discussion with Reshay Collier, Alia Dewees, Cari Herthel, and Aja Houle.

Moderated by: Josie Feemster.

The panel will focus on CSEC, foster youth, and youth services.

Cari’s intro for the panel
 “Reflections by experts”

Panel info:
Why is leadership by lived experience experts important?
Individuals with lived experience should have that insight valued. The Advisory Boards and focus groups, bring unparalleled value to developing and implementing effective CSE protocols, policies, and procedures, and ensuring that these are grounded in the experiences of youth.